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Is “Pinning” the New Social Media Trend?


According to an article published December 15th, 2011 44% of Americans now own a Smartphone, up from 18% two years ago, and 62% of the users have downloaded an application for their phone. It is safe to say that with the growing popularity of Smartphone and applications, that it is a smart choice as a business to utilize the expanding technology if possible.

 My past two entries have discussed the benefits of social media for businesses and how the travel industry effectively utilizes social media. Today I’m going to discuss how Pinterest, a social media online pinboard, is helping to drive business services and products to consumers. The website allows users to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share the same interests.

 The main website allows users to log in through their Facebook or Twitter account to browse and/or pin either on your own pinboard or one that someone else created. These pinboards help the creator to organize things they find on the site they like as well as helping other Pinterest users to find ideas when the search. For example, if I ‘m decorating my new home and I can search for living room ideas, and find themes and pieces of furniture I like and where I can buy it.

 The mobile application for Pinterest is free and allows one to take all aspects of the site with them while they are on the go. It allows users to browse pins from people and pinboards you follow, repin, like, and comment on your favorite pins, and pin on the go with your Smartphone camera. The application provides users with a great sense of convenience. It can also be used to search for businesses in the area. For example, one could search on Pintrest, best bakery in NYC and find suggestions from other users and then stop at the bakery to judge with the possibility of repining.

Measuring success and Pinterest’s Impact

The Pinterest app in the ITunes store received a rating of 4.5 stars out of five and users of the application raved about the app and Pinterest. The success of Pinterest can also be seen in it’s ability to drive traffic to websites. Piccy is the 18th most shared site on Pinterest and the companies founder Daniel Eckler is happy with the popularity on the site. According to Google, Pinterest has sent over 600,000 users to Piccy’s website in the last year and 50,000 in the last month. The traffic comes from over 200,000 users who spend an average of 4 minutes on the site and Pinterest is the company’s 3rd largest traffic driver. Lastly, Pinterest’s mobile app contributes to 20% of the activity while Facebook’s mobile app only contributes about 8%. Eckler believes that Pinterest will over take Facebook’s referral traffic within a few weeks and will be their number one referrer by the end of the year.

Below is a chart tracking referrals to Piccy’s site by Pinterest. The heavy growth seen over the recent months is parallel to the growth the website has seen with their users. 

piccsy Pinterest traffic

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